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Welcome to Skipton International Mortgage Services, exclusively for properties in Guernsey.

When searching for a mortgage in Guernsey, choosing the right lender is vitally important. Efficient local service, attractive interest rates & a name you can trust are extremely important for what is often your largest financial commitment.

Whether you're buying a new property in Guernsey or refinancing your existing one, let us be the first people you speak to. With a variety of mortgage products designed to suit your individual needs & the Guernsey market, plus friendly personal service you can be sure you've made the right choice with Skipton International. Our mortgage team is based in Guernsey, a clear advantage in understanding the local environment & housing market.

Call 730730 for a mortgage illustration and decision in principle or just for more details.

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Base Rate Tracker

From 3.99%

The overall cost for comparison:
4.8% APR

Take advantage of low base rates with our attractive Base Rate Tracker Mortgages.

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Buy to Let

From 4.99%

The overall cost for comparison:
6.1% APR

A range of mortgages for Buy-to-Let investors.

Early redemption charges may apply

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From 3.49% - 4.7% APR

Base Rate Tracker

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From 3.49% - 4.9% APR

3 Year Fixed Rate

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From 3.74% - 4.8% APR

5 Year Fixed Rate

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From 4.99% - 5.2% APR

Standard Variable Rate

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From 4.99% - 6.1% APR

Buy to Let Mortgages

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From 5.74% - 6.2% APR

100% LTV Next Generation Mortgage

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European Union Savings Tax Directive
Information for all EU Residents (including the UK)

This communication outlines the changes implemented, by the Government of Guernsey, on 1 January 2011, to the EU Savings Tax Directive ("The Directive").

Automatic Exchange of Information

If you are resident in the EU (including the UK) gross interest will be paid to you and be subject to an automatic exchange of information with The Guernsey Income Tax Authority.  This report will detail your full name, postal address, account number/s,  date of birth, place of birth, tax identification number (if known) and the amount of interest added to your account/s.  Thereafter this will be forwarded to the tax authorities in your country of residence.

If you are deemed to be "non-domiciled" for tax purposes in your country of residence, we may be able to pay you gross interest without the need to submit an exchange of information report.  To arrange this we require confirmation of your tax status, e.g.  a letter issued by the tax authorities in your country of residence or accountants.

Non EU residents will continue to receive gross interest and it remains the responsibility of individual investors to disclose the interest earned on their accounts to the relevant tax authorities.